AccidentS and CollisionS

A dented car sits in an auto repair shop, waiting to be fixed


Repair your vehicle in record time when you choose American Automotive as your auto repair shop. At American Automotive, you can expect our experts to handle your accident and collision repairs and all of the headaches of having your vehicle returned to its pre-accident condition.

When you work with American Automotive, you get all of the benefits of being our valued customer. Our auto repair shop works with your insurance company to ensure all accident related damage is fixed, offer free estimates when you repair with us, use a paint system that blends with the paint color it was originally, bring technical expertise for today’s complex vehicle technologies, and offer help with scheduling a car rental.

AccidentS & CollisionS We COMMONLY Repair

Side Impact or “T-Bone

Side impact collisions or “T-Bone” accidents can happen anywhere. These types of accidents, depending on the speed of one or both vehicles, can be devastating, not only for your car but for your life and family.

How We Assess Side Impact Collision Damage: We start by examining the visibly damaged area and take everything down to the frame. The frame most likely needs to be repaired. We also take into account the doors, bumpers and fenders after as well. Once we have the vehicle stripped down, we can then fully assess all of the damage.

In certain cases, the cost of the car repair and auto glass repair may exceed the value of the vehicle. In this instance, the insurance company will pay you what the vehicle is worth. If it is repairable, then we send an estimate to the insurance company for approval to proceed with the repairs. Once approved, we get to work on your vehicle.

Fender Bender

A Fender Bender is a minor car accident that generally happens at a slow speed. It is rare that passengers involved in these types of accidents are injured. Even though injuries may be rare and damage on the surface may seem minimal, it is important to keep in mind that there could be more serious damage that can’t be seen on the surface.

What to do?

Stay calm and to make sure you or any passengers are not injured. Look around and see if it is safe to stay where you are. if it is not safe and you can move your vehicle, do so for safety reasons. Then take down the other driver’s information and give the other driver yours. Next you should contact your insurance company. Give them all the details about the accident and anything else they ask for. They will send an adjuster out to size up the damage, take pictures and perform a partial damage assessment. Full vehicle assessments normally require some vehicle disassembly.

Give us a call and we will be able to inspect and report on all of the internal damages that may have been overlooked initially.

Rear End

What We Look for:

It is important to get your vehicle looked at as soon as possible after a rear end accident, even if it seems minor. When you bring your vehicle into American Automotive, the first thing we will do is do a preliminary inspection of your vehicle. One of our certified adjusters will determine if your vehicle is safe to drive or not. If it’s not safe, we will work with your insurance company to put you in a rental on site.

Once we determine the needed vehicle repairs, we start the process of the deep inspection by totally dismantling the damaged area down to the frame. We then determine what needs to be included in the repair plan: repairs, replacements, calibrations, and more.


Head-on collisions aren’t the most common form of auto-accident, but they are one of the most damaging. As the auto industry continues to improve and change regarding safety standards, the chance of injury in a head on collision is high, not to mention the damage done to your vehicle. 

At American Automotive, we assess your vehicle and handle all of the potential headaches that come along with restoring your vehicle to its pre-collision state. We work side-by-side with your insurance company to ensure all accident-related damage is taken care of and covered appropriately. In addition to providing insurance service options, we can help set up rental car options with Enterprise on site! We’ll even return your rental after your vehicle is repaired. 

How We Assess Head-On Collision Damages

It is critical to get your vehicle looked at as soon as possible after a head-on collision. Even if the damage appears to be minor, it is always a good idea to have a professional inspect and assess the situation. Newer vehicles have more electronic sensors than ever before, we know, we’ve been working on cars for over 80 years. Several of those sensors are located in the front end which may be damaged resulting in some advanced features of your car to malfunction.

Our Process


Vehicle Disassembly & Inspection

Once we receive your call or email, we will schedule your vehicle for a teardown. This is the start of our collision repair process. We disassemble all the damaged areas to find hidden damage that is not visible. With the vehicle disassembled, the appraiser can properly inspect the vehicle to develop a list of necessary repairs and replacement parts if necessary. The appraiser uses the information to develop a repair to the written cost estimate for repairs.

Vehicle Frame Work for All Models

The impact sustained by the vehicle during the accident may affect the underlying support structure of the vehicle. We have specialized, computer-driven, 3-D laser imaging equipment to measure the vehicle frame to determine if the frame is no longer within factory specifications. For the frame to be out of specification, a great amount of force must be absorbed during the accident. Only special equipment designed to secure the vehicle while the frame is adjusted back within factory specifications can be used.



Auto Body Repair

The body of your vehicle is typically the portion of the car that is visible. Bumpers, hood, fenders, doors, etc. Depending on the damage, the part may need to be replaced. For example, a cracked headlight will be replaced, but a slightly dented door may be repaired. Our appraiser will determine the best way of performing the repairs on your vehicles to maximize quality, safety, and cost effectiveness.


Refinishing Preparation

After the body work is complete, the next step in the collision repair process is preparing the vehicle for paint. MOST shops do not properly “prep” the vehicle for paint because it is time consuming and not readily apparent after the job is painted and completed.


If a vehicle is not prepared properly, the paint job will eventually fail over time, but probably won’t be seen until several months or even a year later. This is typically what happens with those TV commercial type shops that put more work into their advertising than the work on your vehicle. If you pay a low price, it is because a step is being cut short to save money. This is most likely the step you are not getting with other shops.




Once the vehicle has been prepped, American Automotive can now take the necessary steps to paint your vehicle to bring it back to life. This is the step that is most apparent to the outside world. The repairs can be performed perfectly, but without a clean paint job the repair is not complete. American Automotive uses the same high quality paint for your vehicle as we would use for our own vehicle repair.